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© 2017 by MedMake

Would you like to know more about us?

Are you interested in doing one of our courses? Do you need assessment in the biotechnological field? Would you like to start collaborating with us on any of our social initiatives? 

We offer a wide variety of courses aimed at health care professionals. Our offering ranges from courses on the use of 3D Printing Technology in the medical field, to basic training on Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning, and the Development of Medical Apps.


Two young entrepreneurs from Barcelona decided to create MedMake in 2015. Since then, the project has continued to grow while always maintaining the same social values. 

As biomedical engineers, we believe that the creation of partnerships between technicians and health care professionals has to be the priority of our association. Currently, we offer training in the fields of life sciences, and the technology of health, which we believe are the first steps in bringing professionals from both disciplines closer to each other.

Our goal is to promote innovation in the medical field, and make it affordable, of quality, and for everyone.


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Professional Training in Health Care