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3D Printing in Medicine course

3D printing is at an inflection point; about to become a generalized trend. But what impact will this revolution have on health care?

In the first part of the course you will learn how to segment medical images (CT and MRI), taken from real patients, and convert them into 3D models. In the second part you will be introduced to the world of 3D printing and its applications in the medical field. On completion of the course you will know how to transform a 2D medical image into a 3D physical model!

Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Our health care system is facing big challenges. Fortunately, analysis of big volumes of data can provide us with solutions to problems that, until today, were not resolvable. But, do you know exactly what "Data Mining," "Machine Learning," or "Big Data" means?

In this course you will move onward from traditional statistics to an understanding of the latest trends in analysis by using Big Data on real projects in the health care arena.

Digitization: Web page and mobile app development

“Mobile Health Technologies” is a term that is increasingly heard on the news. With each passing day, we hear more about medical apps on mobiles, and devices that motorize and monitor our physical condition.

But have you ever thought about the possibility of developing one yourself? Would you like to know the basic techniques to be able to create an early prototype of your app? Do you need a web platform to pick up more data in the cloud? In this course you will learn all that - and much, more!

Social Workshops

In MedMake we collaborate with multiple solidarity initiatives, and we actively search for volunteers to help us multiply our social impact.

If you would like to have a workshop capable of building 3D prothesis in your institution, or educational center, and would like to collaborate with social initiatives like E-Nabling the Future, or challenges like The Hand Challenge, we would be glad to help you!

For that reason, the social workshops are 100% supportive. Fifty per cent of the revenues are used for materials, comunication, shipping, etc. The other fifty per cent is invested in the Crowdfunding solidarity campaign of elmeugradesorra.org.

Do you need more information?

Are you interested in doing one of our courses ? Do you need assessment on the biotechnological field? Would you like to start collaborating with us in any of our social initiatives ? Contact with us !